Voices on Spirituality

What Spirituality Is To Me

by Storey Hieronymus Hauck

Spirituality has so many different definitions these days, but the way I have experienced it in the most tangible way in my own life is through relationship - a feeling of being at one or in harmony with the universe (God) and with each other. 

Thoughts on Spirituality

by Emily Ling

In thinking of what spirituality means to me at this point in my life, I think of it primarily as the experience of learning to live into the most alive and genuine version of who I was created to be.

Spirituality.... to me

by Adam Davenport

I have noticed that the most spiritual times for me happen in natural places that I have grown to know. Places that I have visited, been drawn back to, and built relationship with. Within this ‘getting to know’ practice, I can only describe the feeling of deep contentment and relationship as falling in love with that place — further falling in love with the greater world.