Ecumenical Spring Celebration

Ecumenical Spring Celebration - March 16, 2024

The Ecumenical Spring Celebration was initiated by local pastoral leaders and brought together individuals from many different faith backgrounds in a spirit of unity and reverence.

It was a beautiful, sunny, brisk afternoon. Amid grand trees swaying in a gentle breeze, and a precious concert of bird songs celebrating the coming season, attendees walked woodland trails, visited informational and inspirational tented displays, and settled in for worship with familiar and new acquaintances. 

The displays invited attendees to consider their relationships with the environment and with each other, and to express their individual spirituality. 

Stacey Keane led the worship service with grace and inclusivity. Worship included elements such as an acapella rendering of the Canticle of the Creatures, a Scriptural reading from Ezekiel 47:7-12, prayers, and opportunities for attendees to reflect and to share with others as inspired. The service concluded with other songs based upon ‘Church of the Wild’ by Victoria Loorz. 

Afterward, several attendees exchanged contact information and gratefully acknowledged how the natural setting both complemented the sacred communal worship and gave them an expanded capacity to pause and reflect upon the blessings bestowed on us by the Divine.

If local religious leaders continue to request gatherings like these, we’re more than happy to continue facilitating. Kinship Farm does not exist to promote any one particular “brand” of theology or to initiate religious events on our own, but we do stand ready to support anyone who seeks to foster and improve relationships across differences. If you or an organization you know has ideas about how to do this, please contact us through our connect page.

The photos below were lovingly taken compiled into a video by Angie Estevez. Angie was an essential part of the planning and development team. Angie serves as a Chaplain at the Rockingham County Correctional Facility and is a Funeral Celebrant with I'll Stand By You.

Also essential in the planning and development was Holly Ardito from the First Church of Rowley. Holly proudly serves as Chair of the First Church of Rowley's Missions Team. The Missions Team is an active group who devote their energies toward helping others in need and in addition to hosting events to foster a feeling of connection among members of their congregation as well as the wider community. Active in her community of Rowley, she serves on the Board of the Library Trustees.

Just a few months after the ECS, Stacey Keane graduated from Boston University's School of Theology with a Master's of Divinity. We thank her for her contributions towards the planning and development of the ECS as she simultaneously studied towards her degree and served as a wife, mother, and active community member. Stacey is now a proud Member in Discernment for Ordination in the United Church of Christ.

Ecumenical Spring Celebration

video created by Angie Estevez