Mission & Purpose


Cultivating ideas and projects related to spirituality, relationships and the environment. Striving to love God and all creation as ourselves. Working in interfaith, ecumenical and non-partisan ways.


  • Faithfully responding to the Love that holds all of creation together.
  • Acknowledging and serving the divine and those most in need.
  • Seeking and embodying inclusive spiritual, relational, and environmental best practices.
  • Including youth in our vision, activities, education, and messaging.
  • Nurturing seeds of potential and celebrating growth, progress, healing, harmony and healthy results.
  • Engaging in creative projects that demonstrate positive examples of the interplay between spirituality, relationships and the environment.
  • Collaboratively supporting and energizing both local and global partners and communities.
  • Sharing the joy and abundance of harvests.
  • Researching, demonstrating, and encouraging transitional, healing theories and practices in systems of legislation, justice and restoration. 
  • Hoping that people increasingly experience and reflect the sustaining productivity, liberating truth and healing loving-kindness that are given to everyone by God.