Christmas trees

Trees bestow tremendous gifts on humans, creatures, and the environment, including fresh air, shade, beauty, inspiration, home, and a site for community. During the Christmas season and year around, Kinship Farm gratefully acknowledges trees' roles in our spirituality, relationships, and the environment, we gift tree care to trees, and we gift trees to the community.

During the month of December, Kinship Farm accepts applications from local homeowners, businesses, churches, municipal buildings, and town common areas in the local Essex County area for new trees, tree planting, tree care instructions, and hands-on tree care.

Free tree planting and care instructions

For individuals, organizations, and towns who are enthusiastic about watching new life take root, Kinship Farm offers free tree planting and care instructions. Interested parties will need to submit an application that explains their reasons for wanting a new tree. Motivations must extend to the community and beyond the obvious need for additional oxygen and carbon sequestration.

Intentional Care of Existing Trees

For individuals, organizations, and towns who understand the importance of managing and preserving old, rare, and/or historical trees for longevity, health, and beauty, we offer free intentional care for existing arboreal treasures. Interested parties will need to submit an application that explains their needs for high quality onsite advice and guidance and the ways that the tree(s) and care will benefit the community.


Significant partners with Kinship Farm on this project include Chris Wood (ISA certified arborist, tree and shrub preservationist, and owner of Heirloom Tree Care), Alex Sands (owner of Annisquam Land Care), and others.

Applications are due by December 25

Residents, businesses, and towns interested in receiving trees, tree care instructions, or on-site tree care must complete an application by December 25. We regret that not every request can be fulfilled. Selected applicants will be notified in writing that their application has been accepted and plans will be solidified in the new year.

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Want to help with a donation to Christmas trees?

Please click here to make a donation. We deeply appreciate your generosity. All Christmas trees donations are applied to the costs of the program.