Christmas Trees

We are rooted in spirituality, relationships with our community and our natural world!

Kinship Farm is offering a unique partnership for local homeowners, businesses, churches, municipal buildings and town greens, in support of a tree growing and intentional tree care, with our innovative holiday Christmas Trees.

Christmas Trees is an invitation to local Essex County homeowners and businesses to participate in the cultivation of a new tree or the intentional care of existing one. Kinship Farm, in collaboration with Heirloom Tree Care, recognize the significance of trees as silent guardians of our history and wish to acknowledge the tremendous benefits they so peacefully gift us with in our natural world, the environment. Christmas Trees' objectives are to create new and preserve old living testaments, fostering a deeper connection between good neighbor relationships and fostering a healthier environment.

Free Tree Planting: For those enthusiastic to watch a new life take root on their property, we offer a free tree planting under the advisement of Heirloom Tree Care. Residents are encouraged to submit an application, sharing their reasons for wanting a tree. Whether you wish to honor a special occasion, a loved one, or contribute to the environment’s well-being, we ask that you share your motivation. While we can't fulfill every request, selected applicants will receive a tree with care instructions and ongoing support from Kinship Farm and Heirloom Tree Care.

Free Intentional Care of Existing Trees: Acknowledging the significance of managing old, rare, or historical trees for longevity, health and beauty, Christmas Trees extends its embrace to those seeking to provide intentional care for their arboreal treasures. Residents can partner with Kinship Farm and Heirloom Tree Care to ensure the health and vitality of these majestic heirlooms, preserving them for future generations. Caretakers will
receive onsite advice and guidance, from Chris Wood (Heirloom Tree Care Owner |
ISA Certified Arborist | Tree & Shrub Preservationist), and the satisfaction of knowing they are contributing to the legacy of Essex County.

Community and Business Partnerships: We invite local municipals and businesses to join in this innovative Christmas Trees venture. Be recognized, within Essex County, in fostering a positive relationship and demonstrating a commitment to environmental stewardship. This partnership not only benefits your business’ landscape esthetics but strengthens the bonds that tie the community together. Municipals and businesses can receive a tree planting or a contribution to the intentional care and maintenance of an
existing tree.

How to Participate: Residents and businesses interested in participating in Christmas Trees, must complete the Kinship Farm application by December 31st (see below links to application and disclaimer forms). We cannot promise every applicants request will be fulfilled. Selected applicants will be notified in writing that their application for a free tree planting or intentional care partnership has been accepted and plans for either will be further detailed.

As we embark on this seasonal journey, let's come together to celebrate the beauty of Essex County, creating a legacy that stretches far beyond the holiday season. Kinship Farm's Christmas Trees is not just about planting trees; it's about cultivating
connections, fostering stewardship, and sowing the seeds of a greener, more
harmonious future.

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