Our story

We believe that simultaneously engaging with spirituality, relationships, and the environment is a powerful proposition. But what does that look like?

For us, it starts with God. It also acknowledges that throughout history, a lot of good has been cultivated in the world by those working in the fields of religious traditions, spirituality, indigenous cultures, wisdom, education, relational transformation, community building, justice, environmental care, and so on. We hope to draw on some of the best practices in these fields in order to discover innovative solutions to the issues facing our world today.

We exist to support others and aren't able to house internally to our organization all of the expertise needed for successful projects, so our primary mode of operation is in collaboration. We deeply respect and support the fact that some of our partners are and must remain secular, while we simultaneously recognize the need to provide opportunities for people to contemplate and articulate how spirituality informs, shapes, and is fed by both secular and religious projects.

Our original site for cultivating some preliminary ideas and projects was a family farm in Hamilton, MA. Now our work is growing across the broader North Shore and Greater Boston areas of Massachusetts. To learn more about what we've done and are doing, check out our projects page.

We look forward to connecting with you, learning from you, and collaborating with you and others on cultivating existing and new ideas and projects.