Our Story

Our story is in its beginning chapters, but we have expectations for a great ending! We began in 2018 with a desire to share and to love our nearest neighbors, and all of our neighbors, including people, plants, animals, trees, insects, our water systems, etc. 

The Golden Rule has been and continues to be our starting point and guiding principle and practice at Kinship Farm. Loving our neighbor as ourselves is a universal guideline that’s embraced by many faiths and cultures. It’s the understanding of that one shared source of good that unites us all to each other for the purpose of doing good. We work to bring that love to every project we engage in, and we find it drives connectedness and creativity.

Initially we were helping a family transform their property into a small production (donation) farm - using principles of permaculture to figure out what the land itself wanted to do and how we could help support its development. Through actively loving the wooded site and clearing invasive buckthorn that was choking native plants and habitat, we discovered large clumps of blueberry groves, active fern growth, and ample space for homegrown shiitake mushrooms, chickens, bees, and annual vegetables. This development and the sharing of food we’ve begun to do have become the basis of partnerships with food pantries, other donation and production farms, and environmental organizations. 

This first and ongoing project has now spawned a non-profit organization and other projects that have taken these ideas of care and nurturing of land and applied them to community projects and relationship building. Like the unfolding of a flower, our development has been and continues to be organic, but the results are tangible and beautiful. Each step that we’ve taken and the work we’ve put into building a network of those who care about spirituality, relationships, and the environment has led to an increasing number of projects and a wider circle of good. We expect that to continue...

And we have big intentions. 

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