Kinship Farm Team

We're cultivating our team. If you'd like to be involved in the fields of spirituality, relationships, and the environment; love connecting with others; are interested in cultivating ideas, projects, and communities; and would like to help further our mission and purpose; feel free to contact us through our connect page!

Wendy Roberts, Assistant Executive Director

Wendy has a wide background in multifaceted research, development, administrative support, and nonprofit activities. In her work and at home she exudes love, joy, enthusiasm, and a desire to encourage and help people. She sees her husband, children, pets, and each lake, ocean, desert, mountain, forest, and tiniest insect as God’s gifts. She enjoys outdoor adventures and is actively focused on sustainable practices such as recycling, repurposing, composting, and planting pollinating flower, herb, vegetable and milkweed gardens.

Lisa Manozzi, Office Manager/Treasurer

Lisa brings to all of us at Kinship Farm her professional bookkeeping skills with a wealth of experience within a diverse range of business practices. Her strong background in non-profit organizations, budgeting and financial management, and more, bring invaluable expertise to our team. Lisa loves spending time with her husband, visiting her adult children, traveling, exploring the intersection of spirituality, science, consciousness and the nature of reality, along with expanding upon her gardening knowledge and skills.

Kinship Farm Partners

We're cultivating our partners. We accomplish the majority of our work through mutually-beneficial collaboration with outside people and organizations. Most of them are at work in at least two out of three of our focus areas of spirituality, relationships, and the environment. We're grateful for our existing partner community, and if you'd like to learn more about any of them, visit our partners page. If you or your organization would like to partner with us, we hope you'll visit our connect page and tell us about your interests, skills, and resources for cultivating ideas and projects that align with our mission and purpose.

Acord Food Pantry

Annisquam Landcare, Inc.


Boston University School of Theology (BUSTH)

Gemini Audio Visual Inc.

Gourmet Delights Catering

Heirloom Tree Care, LLC

Ipswich River Watershed Association (IRWA)

Jostyn Family Farm (JFF)

Seven Hills Foundation and Community Services 

Simplified Home Life

Tendercrop Farm 

The Food Project 

Those Pesky Projects

Kinship Farm Board

We're seeking Board members to join our Kinship Farm Team. If you're involved in the fields of spirituality, relationships, or the environment; love connecting with others; have experience building non-hierarchical or "flat" teams; are interested in cultivating ideas, projects, and communities; and would like to help further our mission and purpose, please contact us through our connect page.

Susan Ward Jostyn (Susie), Founder and Board Member

Susie’s background includes masters’ degrees in Mechanical Engineering (at MIT) and Theological studies (at BU), and careers in engineering, management, athletics, music, theology, ministry, ecumenical relations, and conflict transformation. She loves God, people, her husband and young son, pets, oceans, forests, and all the creatures in them. As the Founder of Kinship Farm, she hopeful to bring together all of her loves and those of others in faithful, world-conscious, collaborative, practical, and healing ways.

William Macomber, Board Member

Will currently serves as CEO and co-founder of 7aware. He has worked in private finance providing capital to businesses in the water, power, and natural resources sectors. He holds a MBA from the UCLA Anderson School of Management. Through all that he does Will works to support the development of an individual’s sense of agency and personal responsibility.

Storey Hieronymus Hauck, Interim Board Member

As the former Executive Director of Kinship Farm, Storey is happy to be serving as an interim Board Member while the organization seeks a new Director and expands the Board to include a more diverse group of individuals interested in the connections between spirituality, relationships, and the environment.