Kinship Farm fulfills its purpose through a variety of activities. It is first and foremost, a farm that is known for its implementation of forward-thinking ecological and sustainable best practices. We have a focus on native plants and maintaining insect and bird habitat.

Our farming may look different than many traditional farms. Because of our heavily wooded, largely conservation-protected lot, we’re exploring many types of cultivating practices appropriate for our site — anything from indoor micro-farming, to producing under-canopy crops such mushrooms and ginseng in the woods, to growing shrubs like blueberries and grapes along our forest edge, to foodscaping which nestles nut trees, fruit shrubs,, herbs and ornamental vegetables like Swiss chard, kale, and peppers amidst our gardens.

We also plan to keep bees and chickens (eventually) on our site. Harvests from these activities will be shared with our community through donations and through sales which benefit our charitable interests.